Where to, captain?

Our goal is to one day circumnavigate the world. That being said we had a well detailed plan of how our route should look like, but as we discovered in the first few months of our adventure, plans tent to deviate from what you’ve imagined, especially while sailing.





After experiencing the life of living aboard a sailboat and cruising around we discovered that the only true way to do this is to go with the flow. We have only two rules: be flexible and don’t rush it, we have all the time in the world.



We started our journey in Curacao joining a Swedish captains boat from where we drifted north all the way to Halifax (CA) while changing the boat and our captain in the Bahamas. This kickstarted our journey and since then it has been a wild ride. We have a boat of our own now and below you can see where we are at the moment + all the places we visited on our travels! 

Koper, Slovenia

-This sign indicates our current location on the map

Places we visited:

  • Curacao

  • Bonaire

  • Ile a Vache, Haiti

  • Les Cayes, Haiti

  • Great Inagua, Bahamas

  • Hogsty reef, Bahamas

  • Nassau, Bahamas

  • Bermuda

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Preveza, Greece

  • Corfu, Greece

  • Brindisi, Italy

  • Bari, Italy

  • Lastovo, Croatia

  • Zadar, Croatia

  • Umag, Croatia

Current statistics

miles sailed: 3920


storms survived: 3


whiskeys drunk: 11+


things broken on the ship: a lot



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