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Why did you go on this journey?

The world has countless little secrets that wait to be discovered. We felt it would be a great waste of time sitting at home and working an ordinary job instead of sailing around our little planet discovering all the amazing things it has to offer while having the time of our lives. 

Where do you get the money to travel?

That is not an easy task! Before the journey we worked and saved every dime and we had a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now we try our best to stretch that amount for as long as we can while attempting to create a steady income from our episodes and merchandise from our page. You can also help us out by donating and keeping our adventure going for a bit longer.

Why the name Against All Currents?

We chose it as the conglomeration and a metaphor for our core values and beliefs. It refers to our personal stories and it is congruent with the becoming of our little company, reflecting our rebellious way of thinking. It does not mean that we will fight currents of nature but rather ‘the currents’ of societal norms and pressures a.k.a. the ‘normal-sheep’ life. 

What are we about?

We are filming a documentary-adventure series while sailing around the world. Our motive is to broaden the minds of the audience and to provide insightful and powerful content. We promise to:

  • Deliver interesting facts and anecdotes about places we are going to visit in the best way possible. 

  • Provide Stuff on: Animals, Bars, Culture, Demographics, Etymology, Food, Geology, Heritage, Incest, Just, Kidding, Living life out of the comfort zone etc.

  • Hilarious footage, bloopers from adventures and everyday life



The name of our boat. Proteus, God of Rivers and oceanic bodies of water was possibly the firstborn son of Poseidon. Called also the God of Elusive sea change, he was said to be able to change form and shape at will referring to the flexible and liquid nature of water. He knew everything from the past, present and the future but he refused to reveal it. 

On the other hand, Cloveška Ribica or olm (Proteus anguinus) represents a strong symbol in Slovenian natural heritage (and we like our little country). This mystical cave-dwelling salamander inhabits Postonjska cave, a large dinaric karst system of caves and one of the birthplaces of speleobiology. It was also depicted on the coin for 10 cents in the old Slovenian currency Tolar. 

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We are going to do this expedition no matter what but with your help we can make our trip a little bit safer and our videos a little bit better. 

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