We are Against All Currents. A project that essentially came to life because two dudes just didn't want to spend their youthful years behind a corporate desk in misery, so they decided to abandon their old life and go on an epic adventure.

Sailing around the world was the craziest and stupidest idea we came up with. So we went with it! 


Besides our love for adventure we also enjoy photography and filmmaking (total amateurs but we learn quickly) so we decided to put the two together to create a kind of adventure-documentary series focusing on storytelling as well as quality cinematic content.

Shots of stunning nature, indigenous people and their culture, culinary delights, sea adventures, sailing trips and much more is what you will be able to find in our journal-like episodes. We want to show the world that humans should not just 'exist' but instead, celebrate life and live fully.

Our mission is to circumnavigate the world and by doing so inspire you, to go chase after your own dreams and live life doing what you love.

- Fuck it, just go! -

How it

   all started

We started entertaining the idea of sailing the world and really experience it as it is in 2015, after Luka saw a video of Alex Rust and his crew sailing the world (check it out).
After watching it three times in a row, Luka made a single decision that changed our lives for good.

That decision was simple:

"I want a life like that"


This single moment got the snowball rolling and grew into where we are today. He started researching, watching more videos and reading books. He realized that if the intent is strong enough, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you.

After a lot of persuasion he got his two friends Andrej and Jure to join this crazy expedition, but somewhere down the road, Jure decided to pursue other things in life and moved on.
After time, we developed a strong vision in our minds and there was no questioning whether or not we can do it, but rather how and when we are going to do it. 

There was a lot of times when people told us that it is impossible and that we should stop making fools out of ourselves.

Funny enough none of those haters have done anything remotely similar, so we just ignored the doubters, closed ears to mockers and non-believers and worked even harder towards making our dream a reality.

We realize we are not the first ones to come up with the idea of sailing around the world and making a vlog about it. Even tho' we enjoy watching an episode or two from some of the youtube sailors we have something different in mind for our trip. 

Sailing around in a shiny boat with fancy equipment is nice, but it's just not our style.
We aim to make a cinematic experience that captures the raw and dirty nature of sailing in a movie-like format with no censorship.

Despite the fact that our primary mission is to sail the world and film an adventure-documentary series, our philosophical foundation lays way deeper. The aim is to inspire and motivate people all around the world to start doing shit no matter how crazy. We dare everyone to take a peek behind the veil and abandon their comfort zone. 


   the crew



Luka Kosem

The guy who seeded the idea of sailing the world in our minds. His stubborn attitude towards work pushes him to finish whatever he sets out to do. It is also often a motivational boost for our lazy butts. He is a very passionate guy that has adventure cursing through his veins. He's an artistic soul, loves photography and is our chief designer. Needless to say, he loves scuba-diving, sailing, traveling and adventures. On the other hand, his mechanical skills will come in handy.

Luka is keen to express his wild side. Party animal as he is, he never says no to a dare or a challenge and is always up for a night out to gather some amazing stories.  

First mate


Andrej Škof

Every effective team needs complementary parts. Andrej with his thoughtful processing acts as a perfect counterpart to Luka’s fast and impulsive decision making. Born an explorer, he feels the best when discovering new places and flipping stones over. You will find him hiking, swimming, climbing and running off to the wilds. He's got an eye for detail and is a good strategist. When he is not playing guitar or bass, he loves a good movie or a deep philosophical debate. He is also a relentless black humorist, never leaving out on a joke.

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We are going to do this expedition no matter what but with your help we can make our trip a little bit safer and our videos a little bit better. 

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